April 22, 2014

No More Applause For This G.A.L.

Can it get any worse for G.U.Y.? I'm going to say N.O.  Gaga's third release from ARTPOP has had fans and critics talking - and what they're saying isn't good. 

The music video (which is almost 12 minutes in length - including 4 minutes of credits) was shot at Hearst Castle in California.  Much of the video takes place in the Neptune Pool, which according to sources was filled with 300,000 gallons of water, chlorinated, and promptly dumped out.

Sure, it's a massive waste of water. But why are so many people talking about it?  Because the state of California is suffering from its worst drought of all time.  Of course that didn't mean anything to Gaga or her people, though. 

Hypocritical Gaga made sure money spoke when she allegedly said she would "donate" $250,000 to the Hearst Castle Foundation, as well as film PSAs to demonstrate to local Californians how to conserve water, in order to use the pool.

Yes, she's going to tell people to conserve water, even though she just dumped 300,000 gallons of it.

Of course, there are some sources stating the water was only "lightly chlorinated" and therefore could be reused - but others are calling that a big fat lie.


More on the Hearst Castle debacle, though: according to radaronline.

(http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2014/04/lady-gaga-difficult-diva-music-video-shoot/), Gaga is a nightmare to work with.

Apparently, employees were forbidden to speak to her for the three days it took to film the video. Wow! She can't even put aside her attitude for a few days to talk to her overworked, underpaid staff? 

Maybe that was a good thing. Allegedly, she was frustrated that Hearst Castle remained open to the public during filming. 

The castle being open caused a lot of problems with security. Having hordes of her fans at the castle was a major problem and setback - but state law required that they stay open during business hours even during private events and filming... and a Lady Gaga video was no exception. 

The video itself had mixed reviews - naturally her fans loved it, but most critics thought it was a ridiculous spectacle. 

But was it worth the budget and all the hype?

You tell me.

Sources: http://www.hitfix.com/news/lady-gagas-new-guy-video-is-a-ridiculous-real-housewives-assisted-spectacle

April 12, 2014

Lady Gaga admits to using facelift tape

  1. 1.
    made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally, typically as a copy of something natural.
    "her skin glowed in the artificial light"

  2. 2.
    (of a person or a person's behavior) insincere or affected.
    "an artificial smile"
    synonyms:insincerefeignedfalseunnaturalcontrivedput-on, exaggerated,forcedlaboredstrainedhollowMore

Oh there goes that "do as I say, not as I do" attitude again, "looking artificial can be honest. Being glamorous can come from a place of authenticity and a place of love.", says Lady Gaga.

No dear, it can't.  It especially can't when you're the one trying to inspire a "born this way" message. How can she preach that God makes no mistakes and to be proud of how you're born when she goes to this extreme to change her appearance, the very thing that God (if you believe in God) gave her? 

It makes no rational sense at all.  Her lame spin to justify it makes even less sense.  I hope someone buys Gaga a dictionary because she's clearly very confused. There is nothing honest about being artificial. That's the whole thing about being "artificial". It isn't real! It's fake! It's fraudulent, just like Gaga, her foundation and her message.  

Source  Thank you Zoe 

April 9, 2014

Gaga and Cocaine? This is soooooo not obvious.

What soon-to-be former A-list pop diva keeps her coke in pill capsules? She was seen snorting one at that big awards show last year?  Source - see No.8

 photo 38spz_zpsc1278613.gif

So that's how she does it!

The Born This Way Foundation - empowering youth, one snort at a time.  

Just make sure to give us your money because we have, uh, other expenses and uh, a website to run. Oh and uh, some Facebook posts and Tweets so yeah, give us your money we can buy more coke combat bullying for a kinder and braver world.

Thanks Nuvo for the link.

April 2, 2014

Lady Gaga's career is drowning!

Quick!  Someone throw her a life raft!  Predictably, Lady Gaga's knight and super fan, Anthagio (Anthony Ashcraft) came to her defence.  Which makes the read even more hysterical. There's nothing funnier than watching him writhe in pain as his idol falls off her perch.  

Read the rest here.

Thank you Sun Ra for the link.

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